Exploring the Mudflats of the Ariake Sea in Saga *RERUN
The Ariake Sea borders lies in the northwest of Kyushu, bordering on four prefectures: Nagasaki, Saga, Fukuoka and Kumamoto. Its huge tidal range, as much as six meters, is the largest in Japan. Low tide reveals massive mudflats stretching out some seven kilometers from the shore. This ecosystem is home to some very unusual creatures, and since the old days it has provided a rich bounty of seafood for the local people. On this episode of Journeys in Japan, we explore this unique environment, its history and culture.

Mudflat Experience

The tidal mudflats of the Ariake Sea have become very popular as a place where you can have fun in the mud. Visitors can try their hand at fishing for the creatures living in this unique environment. Prior reservations required.

Seafood BBQ

Along the coast of the Ariake Sea, there are numerous seafood grills where customers can pick out the ingredients they want to eat. Customers come from all over Japan to taste the seafood here.


Shiota-cho is a historic town that developed thanks to the big differential between high tide and low tide in the Ariake Sea. Numerous warehouses and residences were built by wealthy merchants and these have been carefully preserved by the local population.


From Tokyo, flights to Saga Airport take about two hours. The best way to get around the area is by taxi or rental car.