Amami Oshima: Beauty in the Rain
Amami Oshima Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture receives one of the largest amounts of rain in Japan. Its rainy season, which runs from May through June, in particular, provides enough water to sustain its lush nature, including rare species of plants and animals, all year round. In this episode of Journeys in Japan, outdoor writer from Sweden Janni Olsson enjoys Amami's rainy season as she engages in activities not available elsewhere and learns about the island's culture.

Elevated Granary

Takakura is a high-floored granary unique to Amami, built to fight its high precipitation and humidity. This is the only place where visitors can see a group of the structure. Designated as a cultural property by the prefecture.

Oshima Tsumugi

A sightseeing facility equipped with a plant of Oshima-tsumugi, a specialty of Amami Oshima Islands with 1,300 years' history. Visitors can view silk weaving process by craftsmen and try their hand at mud dyeing.

Kokuto Shochu Distillery

A distillery of brown sugar shochu, which is made only in Amami Islands. Tours and tasting available.


It takes 2.5 hours by plane from Tokyo to Amami.