Eternally Radiant Himeji Castle *RERUN
Himeji Castle is the finest surviving example of early 17th-century castle architecture in Japan, with its main keep intact for four hundred years. For its soaring elegance and color, it is fondly called the White Heron Castle. On this episode of Journeys in Japan, we introduce not only the beauty and history of Himeji Castle, but also the culture and tradition of the town surrounding it.

Himeji Castle

A National Treasure of Japan, it was designated in 1993 as the first UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in Japan.

Himeji Castle Katchu-tai

It is a volunteer tour guide group. Clad in armor, they entertain tourists around the castle grounds.

Mt. Shosha Engyoji Temple

The special head temple of the Tendai sect, it is home to the tombs of successive lords of Himeji Castle such as the Honda, Sakakibara and Matsudaira clans.


From Tokyo to Himeji, it takes about three hours on the Shinkansen.