Nagasaki: City of Hills and Hope *RERUN
In the third of our programs introducing Japan to active wheelchair travelers, Ryoko Nakajima and Shizuka Anderson explore Nagasaki City. It is one of the hilliest cities in Japan, with more than 40% of it built on hillsides. They find a community with deep religious faith and also dark memories of war. They meet with an atomic bomb survivor, and also two singers from Ukraine. On this episode of Journeys in Japan, Ryoko and Shizuka explore the city, conquer the challenging terrain and pray for peace.

Atomic Bomb Museum

The Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum was set up to convey the horrors of the 1945 atomic bomb attack on the city, as a lesson and warning to future generations. Besides showing the devastation caused by the atomic bomb, the exhibition also covers the process leading up to the attack and the history of the development of nuclear weapons. The museum also continues to campaign for a future free of all nuclear arms.

Iojima Island

This resort island can be reached in 40 minutes by car from downtown Nagasaki, or by a 20-minute high-speed boat ride from Nagasaki Port. During the period when Christianity was prohibited, many people took advantage of Iojima's isolation and continued to practice their faith there in secret. To this day, Catholics make up more than half of the residents of the island.


From Tokyo, flights to Nagasaki Airport take two hours; to reach the city center it's another 40 minutes by car.