Onomichi: Vistas, Cats and Steep Hillsides
Onomichi lies on the coast of Hiroshima Prefecture, overlooking the tranquil Seto Inland Sea. Because there is very little flat land in the town, many of residential areas are built on steep hillsides. The town also boasts beautiful views of the sea and the nearby islands. Drawn by Onomichi's mild climate and old-fashioned atmosphere, a growing number of younger people are moving there from other parts of Japan. The town also attracts many visitors, both from Japan and around the world. On this episode of Journeys in Japan, US actor Bruce Taylor explores the town's labyrinthine narrow streets, discovering an area that is known for its friendly cats and meeting local people who are helping to revitalize the area.


Senkoji is one of the most best-known Buddhist temples in Onomichi. It is famous for the beautiful vistas over the city and out to the open sea.

Vintage Clothing Shop

A wooden townhouse built nearly 150 years ago has been renovated into a shop that sells vintage clothing.

Organic Farm

An American man who moved to Onomichi has taken over an unused farm on an island in Onomichi, where he practices organic farming following the natural cycle.


To reach Onomichi from Tokyo, the Shinkansen bullet train takes about four hours to Shin-Onomichi Station.