Rambling Around Secluded Yanbaru
Yanbaru is an area in the north of Okinawa Prefecture's main island. Covered by subtropical evergreen forest, it is home to a diverse range of native species and a unique ecosystem. In 2021, it was listed as a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site. In this journey, a father-daughter pair visits villages scattered across Yanbaru and meet locals who share a strong bond with their land.

Hiji Waterfall Hike

Book a guide to discover the fall's beauty and the rare ecosystems, as well as how people have co-existed with nature here.

Jashiki - Village Stay -

Interact with locals and experience first-hand how they live close to the land.

Ada Gacha (Project by Local Elementary School)

Put a coin in a Gacha machine and open your capsule to discover handmade gifts and messages prepared by local school kids. Proceeds go back to the community.


From Tokyo, it is about two and a half hours by plane to Naha Airport. From there, it is a two-hour drive to Ogimi Village, the entrance to Yanbaru.