Kyushu: On the Trail of Shoyu
Shoyu, or soy sauce, is a condiment at the heart of Japanese cuisine. In Kyushu it evolved into an array of flavors and aromas with locals pairing different types according to the dish. As you move south, shoyu tends to become sweeter. In this journey, we travel 350 kilometers, from north to south, to discover the depth of shoyu.

Shoyu Brewery

Located in Itoshima in Fukuoka Prefecture, this brewery has a history of about 130 years. It's one of the rare artisanal makers that produces shoyu naturally using domestic soybeans as well as wheat and long maturation in cedar barrels.

Shoyu Tasting Bar

At this shop in Tenjin, Fukuoka, you can sit at the bar and sample various shoyu types. The owner-sommelier will walk you through selections from his collection of 250 varieties.

Oita Shoyu Brewery Union

This is the largest shoyu factory in all of Kyushu. While most of their brands are brewed using cutting-edge technology, they also make premium labels in the world's largest cedar barrel, standing 9 meters tall.


It takes 1.5 hours from Tokyo to Fukuoka by plane. From Fukuoka to Oita and Kagoshima Prefecture, enjoy the charming local trains.