Oki, Iki, Tsushima: Frontline Islands in the Stream *RERUN
Japan has about 6,800 islands that are larger than 100 meters in circumference. More than 500 of them are classified as "remote border islands." On this episode of Journeys in Japan, we revisit three of them — the Oki Islands, Iki, and Tsushima — to explore their culture, traditions and distinctive history on Japan's frontline.

Ushitsuki Bullfighting at the Mo-mo Dome (Dogo)

This wooden dome-shaped building was constructed so that visitors can watch ushitsuki, the traditional local style of bullfighting. Bouts take place here throughout the year. Some of them are held just for tourists, but others are part of the official seasonal tournaments which are classified much like sumo wrestling.

Harunotsuji Archeological Site

This is one of the largest sites in Japan dating back to the Yayoi period (300 BC-300 AD), when rice farming and the use of metal tools were first introduced to Japan. The area is now a park where visitors can discover the history of exchanges between Japan and the Asian mainland.

Ruins of Kaneda Castle

This mountaintop fortification is designated as a site of national historic importance. It features a stone gate and ramparts stretching 2.2 kilometers that were constructed in the 7th century. Visitors can also explore the remains of gun emplacements built around 120 years ago, during the Russo-Japanese War. A trail leads to a lookout point on the summit offering breathtaking views.