An Ode to Live Music *RERUN
With the world pandemic, music venues across the globe have gone silent. So this time on Journeys in Japan, American actor Charles Glover takes us back in time to get lost in live music. He revisits Kobe, the city of jazz, Tsugaru, the heart of the shamisen and Osaka, the place for the blues. And he gets the word from local musicians about the current situation in their area.

Jazzy Kobe

From about 100 years ago, Kobe has been known as Japan's city of jazz. It is home to plenty of clubs dedicated to jazz, and before the corona, an annual jazz festival that attracted musicians from all over the world.

Shamisen, the Soul Music of Tsugaru

Tsugaru, Aomori Prefecture, is the heart of a dynamic, hard-striking style of shamisen.

Blues City Osaka

Osaka, the cultural and economic hub of the Kansai area, is known as the city of the blues. Before the corona, sessions were held every night at the many blues bars around the city.