Matsusaka: Legacy of Samurai, Merchants, Artisan *RERUN
Matsusaka City of Mie Prefecture is famous for its premium Matsusaka Beef. In the Edo period (1603-1868), it prospered as a merchant town owing to its location on the pilgrimage route to nearby Ise Shrine. Various goods, information and people concentrated here, eventually producing Japan's leading merchants. Lena Yamaguchi from Germany explores Matsusaka where traces of the castle and merchant town remain.

Castle Guard Residences

Discover the homes of samurai who guarded Matsusaka Castle.

Former Hasegawa Residence

Visit the exquisite residence of Hasegawa Jirobe, one of Matsusaka's wealthiest merchants.

Matsusaka Cotton Center

Explore the world of Matsusaka cotton, a nationwide hit that made early Matsusaka merchants wealthy.


To reach Matsusaka from Tokyo, take a Shinkansen to Nagoya and transfer to a local line. The entire journey takes about three hours.