Hamamatsu: From Local Expertise to Global Renown *RERUN
The city of Hamamatsu lies in Shizuoka Prefecture, midway between Tokyo and Osaka Prefecture. Since the old days, the area has thrived as a key point on the route connecting eastern and western Japan. Nowadays it is known as a hub for manufacturing. Many companies in Hamamatsu started off as small factories but have now grown into global brands, especially in the fields of motorcycles and musical instruments. On this episode of Journeys in Japan, we visit some of these companies, to spotlight their remarkable level of craftsmanship.

Eel restaurant

Hamamatsu is the birthplace of eel farming in Japan.

Musical instruments showroom

Visitors can try playing the musical instruments free of charge. Reservations are required.

Harmonica factory

Visitors can watch harmonicas being crafted. Reservations are required.


To reach Hamamatsu from Tokyo, it takes about an hour and a half by shinkansen bullet train.