Atami is Back *RERUN
Atami is a resort popular for its dramatic coastline, hot springs and proximity to Tokyo. After a period of decline, it had been making a miraculous recovery until the pandemic. But the community swiftly worked together to introduce measures to face the crisis. And visitors have been going back. Actor Charles Glover, who visited Atami in 2018 for Journeys in Japan, does some armchair traveling to see how old and new friends are getting on.

The Harbor

Stroll along the promenade and take in the Monaco of the East.

Back Streets

The back alleys of Atami conceal many treasures of old coffee shops, bars and counter restaurants serving fresh catch.

Fireworks Display

The fireworks date back to 1952. Even after summer ends the displays continue throughout the year ... an Atami specialty.


The journey from Tokyo to Atami takes only about 40 minutes by Shinkansen.