Rivers of Life: Kaizu and Kuwana *RERUN
Located in central Japan, Kaizu City in Gifu Prefecture and Kuwana City in Mie Prefecture are just downstream of the Kiso Three Rivers -- the Kiso, Nagara and Ibi. They caused major flooding in the past, but also provided people with sustenance. Rakugo performer Cyril Coppini from France explores the area and discovers how people have long coexisted with these water forces.

Kiso Sansen Park Center

This national park in Kaizu has a 65-meter observation tower where visitors can view how the 3 big rivers flow through the plains and reproduced traditional homes that reveal how people in the area fought off the floods.

Teramachi-dori Shopping Arcade

This shopping arcade in Kuwana has shops selling local delicacies such as processed fish products, daily goods and more. On days with the numerals "3" and "8," morning markets are held attracting many customers.

Hamaguri Plaza

The plaza is a commercial complex in Akasuka, an old fishing town in Kuwana. At restaurant inside, visitor can eat fresh "hamaguri" clams delivered straight from the fishing port.


To reach Kuwana from Tokyo, first take a Shinkansen to Nagoya, then transfer to a local line. The whole trip takes about 2 and a half hours. From Kuwana to Kaizu, take the Yoro Railway for around 20 minutes.