Ogawa Village: Laidback Living with Mountain Vistas
Ogawa Village in Nagano Prefecture is famous throughout Japan for its beautiful scenery. Even though it lies between 2 popular tourist spots, Nagano City and Hakuba, Ogawa is not overrun by visitors. With its majestic vistas of the Japanese Alps and laidback pace of life, it's the ideal destination for a quiet get-away.

Camping site

There is one camping site in Ogawa Village. Situated 1,000 meters above sea level, it boasts magnificent views of the Northern Alps. The site offers a range of facilities, including an astronomical observatory, a planetarium, playground equipment for children, and a miniature golf course.


Oyaki is a food that has been eaten in Nagano since ancient times. Because rice was hard to cultivate on the steep mountain slopes, instead people kneaded dough into dumplings, stuffing them with seasonal vegetables. The Oyaki served in Ogawa Village have become famous across Japan.

Japan Alps observation deck

This viewpoint in Ogawa Village offers a magnificent vista of the Northern Alps.


To travel to Ogawa Village from Tokyo, it takes about an hour and 40 minutes by Shinkansen bullet train to Nagano. From there you transfer to a local bus, which takes another 50 minutes to reach the village.