Nanyo: From Wheels to Wings
Nanyo City lies in Yamagata Prefecture, in the Tohoku region north of Tokyo. The city is focusing on boosting tourism for visitors with disabilities. Wheelchair influencer Ryoko Nakajima visits Nanyo together with US-born TV talent Michelle Fujisaki, to enjoy the barrier-free facilities. They harvest fruit, visit a hot-spring hotel and listen to local folk tales. Then, using special equipment, Ryoko tries paragliding assisted by an experienced instructor.


Hang gliding and paragliding lessons are offered at Nanyo Sky Park. Trial tandem flights are available for people with no prior experience. For wheelchair flights, prior consultation is essential, to ensure participants meet the required conditions, and to adjust the flight equipment.


People in Yamagata Prefecture eat more ramen than anywhere else in Japan. One popular version is served with spicy miso.

Folk Tale Museum

One of Japan's best-known traditional folk tales originated in Nanyo. "The Gratitude of the Crane" tells the story of a crane that transforms into a woman, to repay her gratitude to a man who helped her. Visitors to the city museum can listen to the story narrated in the local dialect.


From Tokyo, it takes about 2 and half hours by Shinkansen bullet train to Akayu Station in Nanyo City.