Focus on Nippon Connection 2019
Taking place every early summer in Frankfurt is the world's largest festival dedicated to Japanese cinema, Nippon Connection, which was held for the 19th year this June. On this episode of J-FLICKS, we present a film that received a Special Mention by the Nippon Visions Jury at the festival, "BLUE HOUR," directed by Yuko Hakota. We also look at Kensei Takahashi's "Sea," winner of the Nippon Visions Jury Award. And joining us in the studio as a special guest is Mr. Ian Thomas Ash, director of "Sending Off," a documentary that won the festival's Nippon Docs Award.

[Navigator] Sarah Macdonald
Rob Schwartz (Film Critic / Asian Bureau Chief, Billboard Magazine)
Ian Thomas Ash (Director, "Sending Off")
Sending Off
Guests: Ian Thomas Ash, Rob Schwartz / Navigator: Sarah Macdonald