Focus on Udine Far East Film Festival
Every spring in northern Italy, the Udine Far East Film Festival takes place. The largest festival in Europe devoted to Asian cinema, the event held its 21st edition this year. We look at several Japanese films screened at the festival, including the recipient of the audience's Mymovies award: Hideki Takeuchi's "Fly Me to the Saitama," as well as "Only the Cat Knows" by Shotaro Kobayashi presented in competition, and also the documentary "KAMPAI! Sake Sisters" directed by Mirai Konishi, which was featured out of competition. Our guest is Mr. Mark Schilling who was in charge of selecting the Japanese lineup of films for the festival.

[Navigator] Sarah Macdonald
[Guest] Mark Schilling (Film Journalist / Author)
Only the Cat Knows
KAMPAI! Sake Sisters
Guest: Mark Schilling / Navigator: Sarah Macdonald