Collaborating to Revive Japan's Stations *RERUN
Passenger numbers for local railway lines across Japan continue to fall as the population declines and more people opt to drive. Stations, meant to be hubs of vitality, are also seeing numbers fall. In response, private companies, NPOs and local governments, in collaboration with the railways, have begun utilizing some of these station buildings. In Chiba Prefecture, JR East's Emi Station became Japan's first combined station and post office. In Fukuoka Prefecture, Heisei Chikuho Railway's Yusubaru Station saw the installation of a university laboratory, and Nagai City in Yamagata Prefecture became home to the nation's first integrated station and government office building. Take a look at the efforts being made to revitalize the stations. And in "Tourist Trains in Style" see FUJI-SANROKU RAILWAY's "FUJISAN VIEW EXPRESS," which runs on the railway closest to Mt. Fuji.