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3. On television

Outside Japan, NHK WORLD TV is available through local television providers in many countries. Search here for availability in your area. (In Japan, Japanology Plus airs Tuesdays 03:30-03:58 on NHK BS1.)
Below is the NHK WORLD TV broadcast schedule for Japanology Plus in four major cities. Note that each edition is broadcast three times.

Tokyo (JST)

Tuesday          23:30-23:58

Wednesday     5:30-5:58, 11:30-11:58 

Hong Kong (HKT)

Tuesday          22:30-22:58 

Wednesday     4:30-4:58, 10:30-10:58 

London (GMT)

Tuesday          14:30-14:58, 20:30-20:58

Wednesday     2:30-2:58

London (BST)

Tuesday          15:30-15:58, 21:30-21:58

Wednesday     3:30-3:58

New York (EST)

Tuesday         9:30-9:58, 15:30-15:58, 21:30-21:58 

New York (EDT)

Tuesday        10:30-10:58, 16:30-16:58, 22:30-22:58


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