Okinawa: The Reconstruction of Shuri Castle *RERUN
*First broadcast on July 21, 2022.
Okinawa Prefecture is a group of subtropical islands in the far south of Japan. It was previously a prosperous maritime trading state called the Ryukyu Kingdom. In the second of two episodes about Okinawa, we focus on the kingdom's political and cultural hub: Shuri Castle. Our guest, historian Takara Kurayoshi, talks about working on the castle's reconstruction, and shares how he felt in 2019, when a devastating fire burned it to the ground. He also tells us about the forthcoming reconstruction project.
Peter Barakan views the site of the 2019 fire at Shuri Castle
Doi Nanako demonstrates how she repairs Ryukyu lacquerware
Takara Kurayoshi talks about the past and future reconstructions of Shuri Castle