Japanophiles: Benjamin Flatt
*First broadcast on November 23, 2023.
Fermented foods are a longstanding staple of Noto cuisine. This region in Ishikawa Prefecture has a local specialty: ishiri, a fermented fish sauce. Benjamin Flatt, an Australia-born chef living in Noto, uses ishiri and other local ingredients to create his "Noto Italian" cuisine at his popular guest house. The restaurant serves only four groups a day. Peter Barakan talks to him about his passion for conserving traditional fermentation techniques and showcasing the quality of local ingredients.
This homemade pasta features squid ink and ishiri, a fermented fish sauce
Chef Benjamin Flatt developed his "Noto Italian" cuisine using the fermented foods that are specialties of Ishikawa Prefecture's Noto region
Peter Barakan learns about the special techniques used to produce homemade ishiri