Amami Oshima: Paradise Found
*First broadcast on July 6, 2023.
We explore Amami Oshima, a subtropical paradise, through the stunning art of Tanaka Isson. Sometimes referred to as "the Japanese Gauguin," Isson found new inspiration after moving to this southern island. While his work was not appreciated during his lifetime, today it is frequently featured in exhibitions around Japan. In the first of two episodes about Amami Oshima, Peter Barakan follows in Isson's footsteps, and discovers why his work has become so enduringly popular.
Known as "Japan's Gauguin," Tanaka Isson moved at the age of 50 to Amami Oshima, which was then close to the southernmost inhabited point in Japan
Isson was credited with capturing the spirit of Amami Oshima
In the island forests, Peter Barakan is guided in Isson's footsteps