Keitora: Tiny Trucks *RERUN
*First broadcast on June 16, 2022.
40% of the motor vehicles in Japan are ultra-compact "kei" cars. These light vehicles are maneuverable, practical and cost-efficient. Tiny "kei" pickup trucks, known as "keitora," are especially common in rural Japan. They're perfect for narrow unpaved countryside roads. Our guest, motoring journalist Maruyama Makoto, shows us how "keitora" usage is diversifying in modern Japan. And in Plus One, Vinay Murthy makes a dry landscape garden on the back of a tiny truck.
"Keitora" are tiny trucks with 2 passenger seats and a flat cargo area
They're perfect for narrow roads
"Keitora" can be modified—this one has been turned into a camper van
"Keitora" are also being used to create miniature gardens