Tohoku Nine Years On: Voices of the Deceased
*First broadcast on March 17, 2020.
In March 2011, a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami devastated communities on the east coast of Tohoku, northeast Japan. We visit the region 9 years on, to learn how people coped with the disaster and its aftermath. This time, we learn about folklore in Tono, where legends about supernatural beings serve as a medium for sharing the advice of ancestors. Our guests include Yuko Kikuchi, a professional storyteller. She speaks about the local tales, and explains why they're so important.
Peter Barakan meets Yuko Kikuchi, a storyteller in Tono, a city in northeast Japan
Local folk tales are collected in a famous book called "The Legends of Tono"
One of the legends is about a woman who fell in love with a horse
Haruo Unman, another local storyteller, teaches Peter how to fish for mythical creatures called Kappa