This is mine.

Now we have a phrase that expresses ownership. “Kore wa watashi-no desu.” The first word of the phrase, “kore,” is the same as “this.” “watashi” means “I,” and when “-no” is added to watashi, it becomes “mine” or “my.” “Anata” means “you,” and if you want to make this “your” or “yours,” you say “anata-no.” In a similar fashion, “kare” means “he,” so “his” becomes “kare-no.” So what if you want to say “Tom’s”? That’s right, you say “Tom-no.” The key here is to add “-no” to a name or a word that refers to someone.

Phrases in this video


kore wa watashi no desu / This is mine.


kore wa anata no desu / This is yours.


watashi no kēki desu / It is my cake.


kore wa watashi no kōhīkappu desu / This is my coffee cup.