People from all over the world come to Japan and find new lives here, and they often even play a role in supporting Japanese culture and traditions.
Here we introduce their stories and their voices. We learn why they came to Japan, what captured their heart, and the words and phrases they love the most.
The words they share with us are persuasive and truly rich in meaning.
Listen to their favorite Japanese words and learn about the treasures valued in this country.

Bruce Osborn

Name: Bruce Osborn

Nationality: United States

Occupation: Photographer

Years in Japan: 35

Current place of residence: Hayama, Kanagawa

Favorite word: “Oya ko”

Oya ko

According to Bruce, the word oya ko, meaning “parent-child,” refers to the special relationship of parents and their children. Through the parent-child relationship, we can see the past in the parents and the future in the children. This, says Bruce, is a unique way to look at Japan.

Favorite food: “Yose nabe”

Yose nabe

In America, there’s nothing like the yose nabe, where everyone picks out what they want to eat as the food cooks on the table. Sharing the food with others creates a nice atmosphere. Bruce seems to be truly enjoying himself.