People from all over the world come to Japan and find new lives here, and they often even play a role in supporting Japanese culture and traditions.
Here we introduce their stories and their voices. We learn why they came to Japan, what captured their heart, and the words and phrases they love the most.
The words they share with us are persuasive and truly rich in meaning.
Listen to their favorite Japanese words and learn about the treasures valued in this country.

Emma Parker

Name: Emma Parker

Nationality: U.K.

Occupation: Blogger

Years in Japan: 22

Current place of residence: Itoigawa, Niigata

Favorite phrase: “Omichiyō”


In the past, people used to carry items across mountains to do trade. Omichiyō was a word that was said to the travelers at the time. The phrase omichiyō means “have a safe trip,” and it is still used today.

Favorite thing: “Kagura”


Kagura is song and dance offered to the gods. In this area, a kagura that has been passed down for over 500 years is performed by children.