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What is Japan-easy?

Japan-easy uses English to help you learn the basics of conversational Japanese and kanji through 15-minute programs and a website. There are two different curriculums, each with 24 episodes, which are sure to get you learning in a fun way.



The program will go over creating the question form and negative form of sentences, starting with the basic structure of Japanese. If that sounds a bit uptight, don’t worry: there are plenty of funny skits and adventures through the streets of Japan to ensure that you’ll be relaxed and having fun as you learn. There are various videos that will surely convey the marvel of words and language.
The program will mainly be aired on the third and fourth Sundays of every month.

Japan-easy II Kanji & Phrases


This is an innovative program that will use videos to explore the exciting world of kanji that may seem hard to learn. Each episode will feature a phrase that is useful in everyday life. The phrase will be repeated over and over in a simple setting, allowing for smooth and easy learning.
The program will be aired on the first and second Sundays of every month.

If you watch the two seasons of Japan-easy, you’ll be able to engage in light conversation before you even know it, and you will have built a sturdy foundation for more advanced Japanese learning. Come learn Japanese with us so you can enjoy Japan even more!

Yohey Arakawa (Professor at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Ryoko Kimura

David Thayne (English school operator)
Hanna Onishi