Ep.3 Time to Say Yabai!
Tsuneo is none too happy that Setsuko's focus has shifted from job-hunting to her new boyfriend, Sho. Especially as his style is a little too funky for Tsuneo's tastes. His overreaction causes a rift in the Matsuyama-Jenkins household, so, while Setsuko does finally attend an interview, Bryan and Tsuneo head to Sho's hometown to repair the damage. Bryan discovers a new local side to Japan, and Tsuneo learns not to judge a book by its cover - nor a boyfriend by his funky jacket!
Setsuko's fashion choices surprise the family.
Meet Sho, Setsuko's new boyfriend! Yabai!
Tsuneo is not happy with Setusko's choices.
Bryan and Tsuneo take a bus to the coast to repair relationships.