Keyword: Ginza Part 2 (Yurakucho)
#TOKYO brings you travel trends based on social media posts written by experienced travelers. This time we'll visit Yurakucho, the area right next to Ginza. Yurakucho is just one stop from Tokyo Station where the Shinkansen departs and arrives. It was the first place where a Western-style theater was built in Japan, Yurakucho also developed as an entertainment city. In Yurakucho, the center of transportation and economy, the specialties from all over the country can be gathered and you can taste gourmets from all over Japan while staying in Tokyo. One of the most interesting draws is the lively restaurant district built up under the brick arches beneath the elevated train tracks. It maintains a charming, old neighborhood feeling. Please find out more about unknown Tokyo.
One of the earliest Western-style theaters in Japan
More than 10 theaters in this area where you can enjoy various performances
Osaka "Tako-yaki" snack in the middle of Tokyo