Keyword: Shibuya Part 2 (New Landmarks)
#TOKYO brings you travel trends based on social media posts written by experienced travelers. In this episode, we will explore the new landmarks in Shibuya. Thanks to a large-scale redevelopment project, big changes are underway in the Shibuya area. From November to December of 2019, there were many new openings. On December 5, SHIBUYA FUKURAS opened for business. With a terminal for buses from both Haneda and Narita Airports, it serves as a new gateway to Shibuya. And then there's Shibuya Scramble Square, which opened November 1. This multipurpose facility combines both commercial and office space. But the biggest attraction is its open-air rooftop observation deck, providing breathtaking views of Tokyo from a whole new angle.
The bus terminal at SHIBUYA FUKURAS
Shibuya Scramble Square
The observation deck at Shibuya Scramble Square