On Site: Bridal Industry Fair 2019
This "On Site" report sheds light on what's trending in the business of eternal bliss. In Japan, the traditional wedding ceremony is rooted in Shintoism, but in modern times, hotels and wedding chapels offer Western-style alternatives. Recently, many couples prefer a more individualized approach. To find out what Japanese brides and grooms are choosing to make their weddings truly special, let's head to the Bridal Industry Fair with reporter Lemi Duncan, who's also a bridal model and wedding MC.

Gadgets: The IoT for Better Bike Security

A strong solid lock is required gear for any cyclist, especially if you have a decent bicycle, but is it really enough to keep your precious two-wheeler safe? The product we introduce in our "Gadgets" segment will protect your bike from theft using brains, not brawn. Created by NEXTSCAPE, it's a uniquely Japanese take on cycle security, taking it into the 21st century with an elegant and effective solution, and a substantial dash of high-tech magic.
"AlterLock" is a smart lock linked to the IoT. Easily installed behind the bike's bottle cage, it features a vibration-activated alarm to deter any would-be thief. But should the bicycle be taken away, the device also uses GPS to track its movement, which can be monitored via a smartphone with a dedicated app. And even if you're away at a location without Bluetooth reception, you can access the AlterLock's tracking record for about a month, so you can park your bicycle anywhere with peace of mind.

Special Report: Wood That Can Take the Heat

Although forests make up about 70% of Japan's land area, sadly, Japan's lumber resources have long been underutilized. In this "Special Report," we visit an interesting answer to this problem: the largest wooden concert hall in the world. Located in Yamagata Prefecture, it's made out of wood ... but it's fireproof! This is thanks to a new eco technique that could help revitalize the forestry industry and make good use of a valuable resource. Join reporter Yuka Matsumoto to find out more.
The Shelter Nanyo Hall was built with cedar grown in Yamagata Prefecture. Its supporting columns are made with a special technique called "COOL WOOD" consisting of a wooden core covered by a fireproof material with an extra outer layer of wood. In case of a fire, the outer layer burns off, but the fireproof material keeps the core untouched. Developed by manufacturer Shelter, the columns have been internationally patented as a fireproof building material.