Vegan Washoku Chef - Kusumoto Katsumi
A restaurant in Tokyo emerged as the top-rated business on a popular online guide carrying consumer ratings for over 110 thousand vegan restaurants worldwide. And as well as being entirely plant-based, owner Kusumoto Katsumi's menu also caters to those with faith-based dietary restrictions or allergies by eschewing alcohol and artificial ingredients. This time on FRONTRUNNERS, we follow a chef promoting a truly borderless approach to traditional Japanese cuisine.
Like this vegan recreation of una-ju grilled eel
The restaurant has a strong following among international tourists and Tokyo's global community alike
Mushrooms are a key component of many of Kusumoto's recipes, and he works with growers who are just as passionate as he is himself
Recently, he has also been working with this nursery to create low-allergen meals that let all children enjoy eating together regardless of allergies