Photographing Family Bonds *RERUN
Photographer Asada Masashi, who inspired the award-winning film, "The Asada Family, " is famous for taking unconventional family photos. One photo featuring his own family shows them dressed up as firefighters. Rather than traditional family portraits, Asada had his family take on fictional roles, such as that of a team of firefighters. Through his work and his experience of cleaning and returning family photos to the victims of a disaster, he's come to realize the power of photos that capture moments in everyday life, which he shares with us on Face To Face.
Asada staged this photo to realize his father's dream of becoming a firefighter. He went to the local fire station and persuaded them to set up the shoot, with a real fire engine, uniforms and all.
After the publication of his book, Asada began receiving requests from people all over the country who wanted him to take photos of their families. Through such interactions, Asada was made further aware of the power of photography.
A family photo of a child battling an illness. He had them draw the rainbow they saw together on their T-shirts. The parents gaze fondly over their children as they nap, treasuring that everyday moment.