Okuizumi Kazuya: Lovestruck by Jellyfish *RERUN
A Japanese aquarium that was once in dire straits has become the world's center for jellyfish research, thanks to its current director, Okuizumi Kazuya. He proposed setting up a jellyfish exhibit many years ago. At the time, he was a young man with little self-esteem. But the success of the exhibit gave him a new perspective. Today, he's become a leading expert in jellyfish, and his fish tank designs have been adopted by aquariums world over. He shares his passion for jellyfish with our host, Robert Campbell.
These rare deep-sea jellyfish are among the 70 species of jellyfish displayed at the Kamo Aquarium, which boasts the largest collection in the world.
Thousands of jellyfish drift around in a huge tank designed by Okuizumi. It measures 5 meters across.
When he started out, Okuizumi knew hardly anything about jellyfish. Today, he passes on his knowledge to trainees from aquariums around the world.