Kojima Miyu: Bringing to Life the Final Days of the Forgotten *RERUN
In Japan, the number of Kodokushi, in which people die alone and remain undiscovered, is on the rise. The rooms where these people die tend to be filled with rubbish, representing the inner turmoil of those who have lost the will to live. Kojima Miyu's job is to clean up after these lonely deaths. To help shed light on this social problem, she began making miniature replicas of the rooms she's worked on, and has published a book chronicling her experiences. She shares her thoughts on Kodokushi in Japan.
Kojima has no formal art training, but she creates miniature replicas of trash-filled rooms down to the tiniest detail.
Recreating the room of a woman who died leaving her pet cats behind. Many such cats end up being euthanized.
Kojima's day job involves cleaning up rooms where lonely deaths have occurred. Growing concern over encountering nearly 150 such rooms a year led her to start creating miniature replicas.