Ishii Shinsuke: Sustainable Seafood from a Star Chef *RERUN
In 2017, concern over the depletion of Japan's fishery resources led French-cuisine chef Ishii Shinsuke to call on other like-minded chefs to launch a group to promote sustainable seafood in Japan. Making the most of their influence on both consumers and producers, their proposal to incentivize cooperation across the board won the top prize at an international competition. Ishii, who has just opened a new restaurant, shares his vision with us on Face To Face.
A dish made with well-managed Atlantic tuna stock. Ishii avoids sourcing tuna from Japan's coastal waters to prevent further depletion of resources.
A full course meal served at Ishii's restaurant. The producer and the place of origin of each ingredient is listed in detail. Ishii also enjoys communicating his thoughts on his choice of ingredients with customers.
Chefs for the Blue was formed by Ishii and fellow chefs to protect Japan's fishery resources. The group won first prize at an international competition that recognized activities to promote sustainable seafood.