A Modern-day Alchemist *RERUN
Aoki Ryota is a young potter known for his distinct use of glazes. They not only decorate and make ceramic surfaces impermeable and waterproof, but allow him to produce innovative textures and shades. He develops his glazes through trial and error, creating around 15,000 test pieces a year. To make his works readily available to the public, he's also set up a crowdfunding project to mass-produce works at low cost. He shares with us his dreams of breathing new life into the world of ceramics.
A shimmering gold bowl created with one of Aoki's original glazes. The glaze itself is black, but the chemical reaction caused by firing produces a golden finish.
Aoki kneads a crystal glaze into the clay itself, which melts when fired to create this unusual shape. To this, he applies a coat of melted crystal.
Aoki uses metallic glazes to create unusual shapes and textures that transcend the boundaries of ceramic art.