Bridging the Fields of Medicine and CG *RERUN
Hirofumi Seo is a medical doctor turned CG designer. He is making the most of his expertise to create 3D animations that are helping to break new ground in medicine. Doctors say his work allows them to feel as if they've been shrunk to microscopic size to examine a patient's body from within. Seo is now using his skills to put a face to the invisible threat of COVID-19. Find out more about what he hopes to achieve by bridging the worlds of medicine and computer graphics.
Seo created a computer graphics software that visualize the structure of a congenital heart defect from some medical images in real-time.
A CG simulation based on a patient's bronchial data. Seo is developing a game-like system that allows doctors to examine a patient's bronchia and practice their bronchoscopy techniques.
Seo is using cutting edge medical research to visualize how the novel coronavirus invades human cells as well as to support doctors in the battle against this global threat.