Soichiro Yamasaki: Helping Kids Protect Themselves *RERUN
An illustrated book that explains the law in simple terms has sold over 500,000 copies in just over 6 months. Aimed at children, the author Soichiro Yamasaki hopes that understanding the law will help address the ongoing issue of bullying. Yamasaki is not a legal expert. Instead, he draws on his own experiences to drive home the point that bullying is a crime. He talks about how he hopes that the book will not only discourage kids from becoming bullies but also help kids protect themselves.
"Kodomo Roppo" (The Six Codes for Kids), an illustrated book for kids that explains how the law applies to everyday life
A process of trial and error, it took 5 years for the book to see the light of day
Yamasaki is very much in demand as a lecturer at schools all over the country