Doshin Hiroki: Martial Arts, a New Way of Therapy *RERUN
Judo, karate, and kendo are representative of Japan's martial arts or budo that has its origins in the way of the samurai. Doshin Hiroki used to be one of Japan's foremost budo masters. But after his son was diagnosed with autism, he turned to budo to prevent his son from hurting himself and others during a panic attack. He eventually developed a form of budo that is proving to be effective in promoting self-advocacy, therapy, and care. He talks about the significance of budo in today's society.
Hiroki's roster of martial arts includes Shorinji, Iai, Kenjutsu, Chinese martial arts, Muay Thai, and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.
The center of gravity is located near the sacrum. Applying pressure on the opponent's sacrum causes him or her to lose balance enabling you to achieve total control.
Hiroki's therapy is helping his son Ouga live with autism and pursue his love of art.