Nanami Shiono: Bringing History to Life
Nanami Shiono (82) is the best-selling author of historic novels set in the Mediterranean, which have been translated into English, Chinese and Korean. During her 50-year career, her work has covered a span of some 2,500 years, allowing her readers to travel back in time. Since releasing her final historical novel in 2017, centered on Alexander the Great, her interests have evolved. Robert Campbell visits her home in Rome to discuss their mutual fascination with a culture other than their own.
Shiono has written over 400 historic novels in 50 years. Many have been translated into various languages.
Rome is a city where ancient ruins coexist with the new. It enables Shiono to remain in touch with the past.
Shiono makes sure to jot down every single idea that comes to mind, that's why every wall is covered with notes. What is she working on now?