Miyako Ishiuchi: Documenting the Vestiges of Time
Miyako Ishiuchi is a world-famous photographer and laureate of the "Nobel Prize of photography," the Hasselblad Award. She chooses to focus on the personal effects of the deceased, including the victims of the Hiroshima A-bomb, to document peoples' memories and the vestiges of time. In her latest exhibition, she seeks to find understanding of her late mother by focusing on her effects and that of a female artist of the same generation. Robert Campbell zooms in on her focus and vision.
Her November 2019 exhibition brings to life memories of 2 women who lived through the turbulent post-war era -- her mother and a picture book artist
Ishiuchi seeks to understand the deceased through their effects
Photographing her mother's lingerie has given Ishiuchi an insight into the woman she was never able to understand in life