A Love for Dance and Entertaining
Rino Nakasone


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Rino Nakasone is an LA-based dancer/choreographer who has worked with Janet Jackson and Britney Spears, and has choreographed many routines for K-pop stars. She talks about the thrill of entertaining.

The following are excerpts from our interview.

Michael Jackson is my king, he is everything I’ve learned from. The first film that I watched was “Moonwalker” and the first scene, he is singing “Man in the Mirror”, and I see all these fans acting crazy, like fainting, screaming, and going crazy off this one man. And I was like fifth grade, I didn’t understand, like you know Japanese culture people are very, not like expressive, so for me to witness like “oh human being can go crazy like that” and I’m like “wow! Who is this guy that making people act crazy?" It really changed my life when I became a fan of Michael Jackson, that’s when I knew “oh, I, this is what I wanted to do, I wanna be Michael! I gotta go to America."

I knew female dancers for Michael have to be girly and beautiful, and heels and that’s always has been for Michael. But, my ultimate goal was to dance like a man like next to him. We’re the only two girls that were at the men audition. Me, my friend were more like wearing like full-out, like hat, gloves, same THIS IS IT T-shirt like real full-out. The second day was as a girl, like so it was all female, and we dressed up as, you know, women. Heels and I think I put wigs, too. I wouldn't do that to any other artist, except Michael. Because of Michael, I would do that. This is the moment where I get to dance in front of Michael, so I was more focus, and I really wanted to show my love and appreciation for Michael, and I am here because of you.

There were so many Michael tribute after his passing, I was so lucky to be a part of it. I’m honored that I got to be a part of those tribute. I’m thankful I got to show my love to him through jobs and bigger events. I’m like I would carry his legacy in my own way. Yeah, so I would carry that. Now I direct concerts, and I still choreograph, so anything I do, like you know, whatever I’ve learned from him. That’s what I project through my own way. I think, seeing my choreography and seeing like complete music videos, that was like the moment where I’m like “Wow! I used to watch Michael Jackson video.” Now I see people dancing my choreography, like I was like crying, I’m like “oh my god, what I’ve done” That’s amazing!

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