*This program was first broadcast on March 23, 2018

The Power of the Actor
Ivana Chubbuck

Acting Coach

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Ivana Chubbuck is a celebrated acting coach, best known for coaching award-winning Hollywood stars. We ask her what it takes to create a great actor.

The following are excerpts from our interview.

What I do is, about empowering people and I feel like that the best venue for empowering people with arts where you support subliminally and subconsciously carrying a message of hope, empowerment that you can, you know that your dreams come true, you can change your life you can think whatever pains and issues and traumas that have existed in your life and actually change in use that their information to grow and evolve with.

People make so many choices from fear, that they feel that being fearless is unattainable. But you can’t be fearless without fear. So it is an essential component to having the very thing that every single human being on this planet wants us to be fearless, cannot to make choices from fear, cannot operate on a day to day because I'm afraid this is that and this will happen. But to know that is actually the most important component to being fearless is to know and understand your fear, as I think that could change people's lives.

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