Unity for the Future Europe
 - Enrico Letta

Unity for the Future Europe
Enrico Letta

Former Prime Minister of Italy

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Enrico Letta, a Former Prime Minister of Italy, analyzes why the notion of separatism from EU has occurred. However, he believes that the unity of Europe is the only way to overcome its crisis.

The following are excerpts from our interview.

The year 2017 was very important for Europe we understood that Europe became mortal for the first time. We have to complete the economic and European Union, we have to be able to have tools to rescue a country when the country is in difficulty, we need more social tools to help people from the European level to the ground, we need to be adult as a Europeans.

The problem of local identities is becoming stronger and stronger. It is due to the acceleration of the globalization process. People are fearing the future, they fear to lose identity and this is a big problem because it’s strongly related with these fears about unemployment, about lack of growth, about migrant problems etc. It’s exactly the outcome of different crises. But the true is that the separatism is not an answer.
Separations are a very easy reaction to the problems we are having now, but they are not correct answers because integration, good integration is the good and correct answer.

The big problem for Europe is the big change in the world’s geopolitical order and this big change is due first of all to TRUMP’s arrival at the White House. Protectionism, the Atlantic larger than before, the relationship between the US and Europe with many problems, the stop of the participation of the US to the Paris Climate Change Agreement and etc.
This is why for Europe is very important to find at the world stage new relationships and to work on new relationships, too.

You know, Brexit and TRUMP they have the same slogan. Brexit: “Take back control”. Back.
TRUMP: “Make America great again”, again.
So, both with the idea to turn back, to the past. Past in which the US, the UK were the center of the world with all western World. It’s over, it’ finished. There is no more western World as a center of the World. We, Europeans, we started to understand that it is finished, this idea of the world. This is why for the future I think the main point is the work on integration.
In the aim of the European Union, in the soul of the European Union there are bridges, not walls. This is why I think the 2018 will be a year in which this confrontation between walls and bridges will be the key point of the year.

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