Step Out onto Planet Earth
 - Tony Wu
*This program was first broadcast on February 2, 2018

Step Out onto Planet Earth
Tony Wu


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Tony Wu is an award winning photographer known for rare images of life underwater. He talks of what nature can teach us and how we need to step out of our comfort zones to know the real planet earth.

The following are excerpts from our interview.

There is a tendency in all of our societies to kind of feel like we know a lot collectively. And you kind of have this false impression that everything is under control and we know everything that’s going on.

Our education systems, our social systems, the social media, all places the priority, the value, on talking about... me me me me me. But actually when you get out there when you remove yourself from city life when you actually need to interact with the world around you. Then you come to gain a sense of perspective. Our world is so small in relation to everything that’s there.

Our place in the world is very small.
I credit nature, the animals I’ve spent so much time with, the way those experiences have brought to me the ability to just sit, to watch, to appreciate, to think about and to kind of internalize everything that’s happened.

We all depend on this planet for our survival and we’re destroying it at a highly accelerated exponential pace. Like, the incredible amount of plastic that we’re burying the entire planet under. I don’t think it’s possible really for a person who’s never seen it to really comprehend, to really internalize.

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