Appreciating Neurodiversity
 - Eiko Ikegami

Appreciating Neurodiversity
Eiko Ikegami

Professor of Sociology

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Dr. Eiko Ikegami, professor of sociology at The New School for Social Research in New York City studies people’s experiences in the Virtual World.

The following are excerpts from our interview.

Sometimes actually, that diversity is important is almost like a cliché, but in ecology, it is said that diversity in species are very important for evolution. But in our society itself, I feel that there are various different ways of thinking, behavior, characteristics, and because of that, it’s not simple the efficacy of evolution, because evolution cannot be programed you never know what would happen.
But, appreciating the diversity and neurodiversity is probably good for the society at large.

I feel the 20th century has been...the century of our understanding, the development of our understanding about our diversity in general. The first, it come with the understanding of the “race”, and civil right movements. And then it come to the feminism, that of course bring the issue of gender, and women’s empowerment, and it’s come to the wave of the...sexual diversities.

So the 20th century has the way of diversities understanding the diversities, but now, in the 21st century, we are now facing with the age of artificial intelligence. Soon, with the current speed of the development of AI, exponentially, it’s probably quite soon that our everyday life we have to shake hand or understand, affect our perception through the uses of artificial intelligence in everyday life.

But before getting into the full blown stage of the age of AI, why not appreciating different ways of understanding the world.

Our human intelligences have different...various patterns and each has their own merits and strengths and why we don't appreciate and respect the diverse intelligences.

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