Teaching for World Peace
 - John Hunter
*This program was first broadcast on September 20, 2017

Teaching for World Peace
John Hunter


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For four decades, an American teacher John Hunter has been teaching children about world peace with his original game. He tells us how children have potential to solve global crises in their future.

The following are excerpts from our interview.

So, we want to start at a very young age to inculcate those habits of critically assessing situations from multiple perspectives withholding judgment to examine multiple perspectives before making big decisions rather than snap judgment, rather than impromptu prejudices and bias making a decision. Is this something that is good actually? It appears to be but is it? So that space allows him to make a better decision, a better judgment and you can do it at a very young age.

I used to think the objective of the World Peace Game like any curriculum when I first became a teacher was to transmit knowledge, transmit content I thought, but the children have taught me over time that the game really is about something deeper, something more than just what we call education. They have taught me that it’s about compassion – increasing compassion and decreasing suffering in the world.
So we work and work and work until everyone is prospering, everyone is happy, everyone is successful. Those goals are little unusual. Usually there is a loser and the winner, this game we all have to win – I designed it that way.

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