Joyful Moves to Counter Parkinson's: David Leventhal / Program Director, Dance for PD *RERUN
Modern dancer David Leventhal co-created a dance program for people with Parkinson's. 20 years later numerous studies have proven that dancing slows the progression of the neurodegenerative disorder.
The mission of Dance for PD, a community program of the NYC-based modern dance company Mark Morris Dance Group, is to invite people living with Parkinson's disease to explore and enjoy the benefits of dance.
David Leventhal is one of the founding teachers of Dance for PD. The classes are now taught in over 300 communities in 28 countries worldwide.
In addition to physical and cognitive benefits, dancing together also harnesses social interaction with fellow dancers and creates a sense of community.
As the program director, David Leventhal has spearheaded the expansion of the Dance for PD program and trained instructors globally.